Sweet Earth Natural Foods

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Sweet Earth Foods

If you follow Toned N’ Tasty you should know by now that Lindsay is the chef master and I am the digital marketer. Over the past few years being spoiled eating Lindsay’s cooking I have notice that I am a somewhat picky eater. Not that I only eat one or two things but when I eat something I have to have it a specific way. With Lindsay’s cooking I have learned to branch out. So we have been asked to try Sweet Earth Natural Foods and we both thought that I would be the one to do the review. Especially being the carnivore that I am.

Sweet Earth Natural Foods www.sweetearthfoods.com makes affordable, plant-based vegetarian and vegan foods that are packed with protein and the freshest ingredients and flavors from around the world. Think of it as a plant-based diet that is accessible to anyone who wants to try it!

This company is redefining the frozen aisle with an assortment of healthy and delicious frozen foods. There is an increasing demand for convenience foods with real flavor and real ingredients, and that’s where Sweet Earth Natural Foods falls into place.

  •  Their line of Functional burritos features 4 delicious flavors from around the world that each have key health benefits and are high in vitamins, protein & fiber.
  • Their Farmstand Breakfast Sandwiches are gourmet sandwiches that are high in protein & fiber. They are served on a unique wholegrain flax seed bread and available in four delicious flavors.

After shopping a our local Sprouts I was able to pick up a few items.

baja breakfast burrito

Baja Breakfast Burrito 

The burrito has cage-free eggs, pinto beans, chipotle seitan, green chilies, and jack & cheddar cheese. Out of the two burritos this was my favorite. It was tasty and really good for a microwaved burrito.

Big Sur Burrito

The Big Sur Breakfast Burrito

This burrito is made with a blend of roasted red peppers, potatoes, smokes seitan bits and seasoned tofu. I did not mind this burrito. For a microwaved burrito is was not bad as well. I am not really a tofu fan but you really don’t taste the tofu. I was surprised how moist the potatoes are even though I generally don’t like potatoes in my burritos.

Chipotle Style Seitan

Chipotle Style Seitan

Seitan strips infused with smoky chipotle chilies and sauce. I have not tried the seitan yet. To be honest I did not really know what seitan was until Lindsay told me, but if you add chipotle to just about anything I may be willing to try it.




Traditional Seitan Slices

Protin-rich Seitan is a tender, juicy food derived from wheat and prepared in a delectable vegetable broth. This is what Lindsay explained to me. I am still curious as to what it really is but I am looking foward after doing some research and seeing many people rant and rave about seitan.



baconHickory & Sage Benevolent Bacon

This is what I am looking forward to trying the most. I highly doubt you can fake bacon but I am willing to try. I think Lindsay is even more interested in me trying this than the seitan because I love bacon. Then again who doesn’t.


My Review

So far so good. I have only tired the burritos and both were very good especially for being microwaved. I am looking forward to trying the seitan and bacon. Your not going to see me going vegan anytime soon but as far as quality I would say that Sweet Earth Foods is on to something. I would recommend trying them.

You can learn more about Sweet Earth Foods at:

“Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sweet Earth Natural Foods in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.”

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