About Toned N’ Tasty

Our goal at Toned N’ Tasty is to help everyone and anyone find the right balance of fitness and nutrition that fits thier own unique lifestyle. There are many fad diet and exercise programs out there. Some of them work for some people and some of them don’t. It is our job to help you find the right balance that fits your individual needs throughout your life. We are on a quest to find healthy recipes that are both healthy and delicious as well as find fitness routines that help people get in the physical condition they desire. It all comes down to balance and we feel our balance is Toned and Tasty.

What Makes Toned N' Tasty Different?

Our CONTENT! Our job is to inspire, motivate and educated in every way we can about fitness and nutrition. We don’t want to have just one voice. We will have content that contradicts itself and we love it! We think this is the most honest way of proving that health is unique to the individual. We will gather information and perspective from many different individuals who have found their way of living a Toned ‘N Tasty lifestyle so that you the ‘individual’ can benefit from it and possible develop your own way.

Who is The Content Intended For?

YOU! EVERYONE! We want you to interact, respond, post, share and comment socially about our content whether you agree or disagree with it. We love the interaction and respect that there are many different ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This is what helps people move forward in finding their own personal fitness and nutritional value. We just ask that if you disagree you do it respectfully, no need to troll.

Lindsay Holda

Lindsay Holda: Played competitive volleyball since the age of 7 all the way through college and has a degree in Health Ecology. She has a strong passion for cooking and has developed her own balance of fitness and nutrition by maintaining a consistent healthy diet and staying highly active.

Kyle Gosselin

Kyle Gosselin: Played competitive football since the age of 12 all the way through college and has a degree in Health Ecology and Information Systems. He is constantly active trying new activities and has found a more extreme balance of fitness and nutrition.